L & O Sales is a Leading Distributor of Electric Cable in Southern Africa



Established in 1997 L & O Sales is based in Johannesburg South Africa and is a cable distributor of Electrical and Telecom Cables for the major South African Manufacturers.

Focusing on service, L & O Sales' Electrical Cable range includes low, medium and high voltage cable for most applications including overhead and underground cable, general purpose wires such as single cores, cabtyres, flexes, silicones, flat twin and earths, surface cables and Bare Copper earth wires, amongst others.
In the medium to high voltage field we offer PVC, xlpe or paper insulated cables with voltage ratings ranging from 600/1000v to 33 KV, Airdac Cables, Interdac cables,and jointing kits.

We also supply the full range of overhead cables including AAAC, ACSR and Aerial Bundle Conductor as well as the relevant accessories for this type of application.

L & O Sales takes great pride in its service, which we endeavour to maintain at the highest level and should we not carry stock of your requirements we will do everything we can to source it for you.