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  • Distributor of Electric Cables & Wires
  • General Purpose WiresSingle cores, Cabtyres, Flexes, Silicones, Flat twin & earths, surface cables amp; bare copper earth wires
  • Overhead and Underground CablesOverhead Conductor, Aluminium Conductor, Overhead Power lines
  • Telecommunication CablesCoaxial & Twin Axial Cables, Voice & Data Transmissions Wires
  • Electrical AccessoriesConduit Pipe and Conduit Accessories, Spiral Wrap, Insulation Tapes, Lugs and Ferrules
  • Jointing KitsCable Joint, Jointing Kits, Wire Kits, Splicing Kits

Popular Products

submersible pump cables

Submersible Pump Cable

solar cable

Solar Cable

Flat Twin & Earth

Flat Twin & Earth Cable

PVDAC Armoured Cable

PVDAC Armoured Cable

Airdac Cables

Airdac Cables


Cabtyre Cable

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About L&O Sales

L&O Sales Electrical Cable range includes low voltage cable, medium and high voltage cable for most applications including overhead and underground cable, general purpose wires such as single cores, cabtyres, flexes, silicones, flat twin & earths, surface cables & bare copper earth wires, instrumentation & communication cables. We also specialise in sourcing unusual cable for specific electrical requirements.

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