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Electrical Contractors

Since our inception we have ensured that ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS have been serviced timeously and with competitive prices. L&O offers the full range of electrical cable and its accessories for most of a contractor’s requirements and our prices on the everyday items such as Conduit Piping, GP wires, Surfix, twin & earth, low voltage armoured cables, panel wire and jointing kits compare favourable throughout the market. Orders are delivered to site on a same day bases if placed before nine in the morning and always within a 24 hour period. Additional items such as cable rollers and cable jacks are available for hire and our unique cable laying “table roller” can be used for the easy laying of armoured cable directly from a bakkie or delivery vehicle without the need of a labour crew, saving the electrical contractor precious time and money.”

Home Owners

L&O Sales has ensured that its range of cables is able to supply the average home owner with all their electrical cable requirements. From the armoured underground cable required to supply cable from Eskom's feed to the cabtyre which connects the extension lead to a child's bedside lamp, L&O Sales has the home owner covered for electrical cable and in addition, as a major importer of Spiral Guard, L&O also offers a solution to keep all those untidy wires wrapped and hidden away. The home owner's requirement for specific lengths of cable was the catalyst for the evolution of the Company and as L&O has grown so has its range, all in an effort to make sure the home owner's cable demands are met.

Municipalities / Mines

Although L&O Sales does not actively pursue electrical cable tenders from Municipalities, we have often been called upon to assist with cable required for emergencies as well as for the supply of both low and high voltage joints to repair damaged or stolen municipal cables and we pride ourselves in being able to supply cable and accessories for such emergencies on a 24/7 bases.

Developers / Consutlants

L&O Sales has for a number of years worked hand in hand with Developers and their Electrical Consultants, assisting them with advice and the supply of their Electrical Cable requirements. Our prompt and efficient supply has ensured that deadlines are met and that the standing time related to projects is kept to a minimum. L&O Sales provides the very basics required to supply power to any housing or industrial development and being able to supply conduit pipe, general purpose house wire, underground armoured cable, twin and earth, surfix and all the other cables required ensures that L&O is involved from the start to finish of any project.


L&O SALES offers a wide range of electrical cable for the Agricultural sector, specialising in Submersible Pump Cable for boreholes and water pumps, Armordac Cable to supply power for transformers and underground cable to supply power to central pivots and any low voltage application. We also stock welding cable and low voltage cables and wires for general purpose requirements.

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