Our Commitment to Quality

Our company is committed to quality. Hence, all our products and processes reflect our ongoing commitment to attaining the highest quality standards, measured by the high level of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction means the retention of confidence in L&O Sales as a trusted and valued supplier. It means that each and every delivery must create a recommendation for further business, and it means that through this drive for quality, L&O Sales is able to generate new business opportunities. To this end, we source our cables from internationally recognised quality assurance standards.

Product Certifications


BS 6004:2000 Amendment 1 & 2
PVC insulated, non sheathed general purpose cable. Table 4a, 450/750 V single core 1,0mm² to 400mm².
BS 6004:2000 Amendment 1 & 2
PVC insulated, PVC sheathed cable with circuit protective conductor. Table 8, 300/500 V single core, flat twin and 3-core 1,0mm² to 10mm².
BS 5467:1997 + A3 2008
600/1000V and 1900/3300V armoured electric cables with thermosetting insulation. Table 6, 8 and 10, 2-core,3-core and 4-core 1,5mm² to 400mm² with stranded copper conductors.
BS 6724:1997 + A3 2008
Electric Cables – thermosetting insulated, armoured cables for voltages of 600/1000 V and 1 900/3 300 V, having low emission of smoke and corrosive gasses when affected by fire. Table 10 from 1,5mm² to 16 mm² & 25mm² to 400mm².
BS 7211:1998 Amendment 1 & 2
Electric Cables – thermosetting insulated, non-armoured cables for voltages up to and including 450/750 V, for electric power, lighting and internal wiring and having low emission of smoke and corrosive gasses when affected by fire. Table 3a, from 1,5mm² to 16mm².


VDE 0281-5
Flexible Cables and Chords


SANS 97 (2001)
Electrical Cables Impregnated paper insulated metal-sheathed cables for rated voltages 3,3 kV to 19/33kV.
SANS 182 2 (2008) & 3 (2003)
Copper and Aluminium overhead conductors.
SANS 1339 (2010)
Electric Cables Cross-linked polyethylene(XLPE) insulated cables for voltages from 3,8/6,6 kV to 19/33kV.
SANS 1418 part 1 & 2
Aerial bundled conductor systems.
SANS 1507 1; 2; 3 (2007), 4; 5 (2009); 6 (2007)
Electric Cables with extruded solid dielectric insulation for fixed installations, 300/500 kV to 1900/3 300 V.
SANS 1520
Flexible electric trailing cables for use on the mines, 640/1 100 V to 19/33 kV.
SANS 1574 Part 1; 3; 4 & 5 (2007)
Electric Cables Flexible cords and flexible cables to 600/1 000 V.
SANS 1576 (2008)
Electric Cables single core arc welding cables.
SANS 1574
Electric Flexible cores, cords and cables with solid extruded dielectric insulation.
SANS 60227-5 2006
Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables up to and including 450/750 V. Part 5 flexible cords.
SANS 1713:2004
Electric cables medium voltage aerial bundle conductors for voltages 3,8/6,6 kV to 19/33 kV.
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